SDO Camping Lights
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Function introduction
Base model: base charging,
can be stepless dimming, can be timed for ten minutes,
power off automatically light up function.


1. Sleep assist function: adopts the scientific timed sleep function,
the sleep assist function button is automatically turned off after 10 minutes,
and it is easy to sleep! No more insomnia!

2. Dimming function: stepless dimming! Adjust the brightness of the lamp body according to your needs!

3. Emergency power-off function: When the power is cut off, the product will automatically turn on
the light automatically, and will be extinguished after 10 minutes. The built-in battery can be used
for cyclic charging. The battery capacity is up to 1600MA, and it can be used for 8-12 hours when fully charged.

4. Convenient to carry: Anytime, anywhere, where you want to put, where you want to hang,
you come to be the master!

5. Atmosphere flirting: The best props to create a romantic atmosphere, stylish shape,
warm lighting effect will make the whole room more warm and sweet.

6. Appearance: stylish and beautiful, high-end atmosphere, on the grade,
to create an ideal home atmosphere!

7. Low-carbon energy-saving: using green energy-saving LED, only 1 kWh in half a year.

8. It is convenient: when charging, lift the lamp, the product will automatically light up,
no need to open the switch, very convenient,
will automatically extinguish after 10 minutes, built-in battery, can be recharged,
battery capacity up to 1600MA, Fully charged for 3-8 hours.

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